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This is a free text seach that carries out several searches in different section of the site. It initially returns a maximum of five results for each section, offering the choice to view all results if more than five matching records were found.

It searches for matches for keywords submitted in:

  • Notices: headings, subheadings and main body text
  • Publications: authors, titles, publishers, and descriptions (thus a search for 'clifford routes' should find Routes by James Clifford, 'chicago univ' should find books published by Chicago University Press, and 'ireland' should find most books about that country if mentioned in the description (even if not mentioned in the title)
  • Links: name and description of website

Searches are not case-sensitive nor do they require match on whole words (for instance 'asia' will match 'Asia' and 'Asian' and 'Australasia'). It is not possible to restrict searches to exact phrases using quotation marks, nor is it possible to introduce Boolean syntax such as OR or NOT: if more than one search term is entered, the search returns matches only if both terms are found in a given record.



Search Help

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