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Marschall, Sabine (ed), Memory, Migration and Travel (Abingdon: Routledge, 2018).

Migration and forcible displacement are growing and impactful dynamics of the current global age. These processes generate mobility flows, travel patterns and touristic behaviour driven by personal and collective memories. The chapters in this book highlight the importance of travel and tourism for enabling such memories and memory-based identity practices to unfold.

This book investigates how diasporic communities, transnational migrants, refugees and the internally displaced recreate home in their host place of residence through material culture, performativity and social relations; and how involuntary tangible and intangible stimuli evoke memories of home. It explores an array of diverse geographical contexts, balancing ethnographic vignettes of contemporary migrant societies with archival research providing historical accounts that reach back more than a century.

Memory, Migration and Travel makes an original contribution by linking the emergent field of memory studies to the disciplines of tourism and migration/diaspora studies, and will be of interest to students and researchers in the fields of tourism, geography, migration/diaspora studies, anthropology and sociology.

Table of Contents

1. Memory, Migration and Travel: Introduction (Sabine Marschall)

2. 'Travelling Memories': The Homemaking Practices of Skilled Mobile Settlers (Rosie Roberts)

3. Material Culture, Memory and Commemoration: Family and Community Celebrations and Connections to 'Home' among Asian Indian Immigrants (Caroline Brettell)

4. Remembrance, Cultural Performance and Travel: The Greek Migrants of Brasilia and the panigiri Festival (Stylianos Kostas)

5. Gallipoli Revisited: Transnational and Transgenerational Memory among Turkish and Sikh Communities in Australia (Burcu Cevik-Compiegne and Josef Ploner)

6. 'To Live in France': The Confluence of Tourism, Memory, Migration and War (Bertram Gordon)

7. Pajouste Forest, 23 August 1941: Memory, Migration and Massacre (Aron Mazel)

8. Old Homes Made New: American Jews Travelling to Eastern Europe from 1920 until the Present (Oskar Czendze and Jason Francisco)

9. The Macanese Encontros: Remembrance and Diaspora 'Homecomings' (Mariana Pinto Leitão Pereira)

10. Dinner in the Homeland: Memory, Food and the Armenian Diaspora (Carel Bertram)

11. Memoryscapes of the Homeland by Two Generations of British-Bangladeshis (Md Farid Miah and Russell King)

12. Translocal Narratives of Memory, Place and Belonging: Second-generation Turkish-Germans’ Home-making upon 'Return' to Turkey (Nilay Kılınç and Russell King)

13. Conclusion (Sabine Marschall)

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