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Slocum, Karla (ed), 'Special Issue: Blackness and Tourism', Souls: A Critical Journal of Black Politics, Culture, and Society, Vol 19 No 1 (2017).


* Tanya Shields, Magnolia Longing: The Plantation Tour as Palimpsest
* Bianca C Williams, 'Giving Back' to Jamaica: Experiencing Community and Conflict while Traveling with Diasporic Heart
* Armond R Towns, The 'Lumpenproletariat’s Redemption': Black Radical Potentiality and LA Gang Tours
* Karla Slocum, Black Towns and the Civil War: Touring Battles of Race, Nation, and Place
* Carla Maria Guerrón Montero, 'To Preserve is to Resist': Threading Black Cultural Heritage from within in Quilombo Tourism
* Renée Alexander Craft, Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

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