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Gonzalez, Vernadette Vicuña and Lipman, Jana K (ed), 'Special Issue on Tours of Duty and Tours of Leisure', American Quarterly, Vol 68 No 3 (2016), pp. 507-792.

In this special issue, we investigate the multiple ways in which tourism and militarism inform each other in the past and in our own contemporary moment. At first glance, militarism and tourism may seem isolated, unrelated, and potentially oppositional. Admittedly, most militaries are state-run, use violence, dictate soldiers’ movements, and harness discourses of defense, while proponents of tourism often embrace the power of individual growth, independent mobility, private economies, and discourses of freedom and leisure. Yet it is the assumed dissonance between tourism and militarism that makes their intersections so analytically provocative and compelling. By examining these seemingly incompatible projects in tandem, we can learn how they collide in high-profile controversies, ongoing occupations, historic preservation, intimate relationships, and the fabric of everyday life.

* Tours of Duty and Tours of Leisure (Vernadette Vicuña Gonzalez, Jana K. Lipman)
* Ticonderoga, Gettysburg, and Hiroshima: Feminist Reflections on Becoming a Militarized Tourist (Cynthia Enloe)
* Passports to Adventure: African Americans and the US Security Project (Adriane Lentz-Smith)
* #StolenHomes: Israeli Tourism and/as Military Occupation in Historical Perspective (Rebecca L. Stein)
* Is This Gitmo, or Club Med? (Mary Louise Pratt)
* Destination Chamorro Culture: Notes on Realignment, Rebranding, and Post-9/11 Militourism in Guam (Christine Taitano DeLisle)
* Central American Child Migration: Militarization and Tourism (Laura Briggs)
* R&R at the Intersection of US and Japanese Dual Empire: Okinawan Women and Decolonizing Militarized Heterosexuality (Ayano Ginoza)
* Histories of War and Tourism
'I Felt like a Tourist instead of a Soldier': The Occupying Gaze—War and Tourism in Italy, 1943–1945 (Andrew Buchanan)
* The Atomic City: Military Tourism and Urban Identity in Postwar Hiroshima (Ran Zwigenberg)
* Threads of Empire: Militourism and the Aloha Wear Industry in Hawai‘i (Christen Tsuyuko Sasaki)
* Berthing Violent Nostalgia: Restored Slave Ports and the Royal Caribbean Historic Falmouth Cruise Terminal (Julia Michiko Hori)
* Carceral Conservationism: Contested Landscapes and Technologies of Dispossession at Ka‘ena Point, Hawai‘i (Laurel Mei-Singh)
* Asymmetrical Itineraries: Militarism, Tourism, and Solidarity in Occupied Palestine (Jennifer Lynn Kelly)
* Off-Duty Resilience: Reorienting Tourism, Leisure, and Recreation in the US Army BOSS Program (Debbie Lisle)
* Heroes of the Open (Third) World: Killing as Pleasure in Ubisoft’s Far Cry Series (Christopher B. Patterson)

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