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Smith, Phil, Counter-Tourism: The Handbook (Axminster: Triarchy Press, 2012).

This is the definitive guide to Counter-Tourism, except that Counter-Tourism has a low opinion of definitive guides. So it’s more like an equivocal misguide. It includes dozens of detailed Counter-Tourism ‘tactics’ plus the thinking behind Counter-Tourism, its academic and philosophical background, and its roots in film, music and literature.

It also features more than 200 colour photographs, gathered by the author in the course of his counter-tourist driftings.

In addition, Part 2 of the Handbook has ideas on how to extend the tactics into interventions that can be planned and performed in heritage sites. And Part 3 goes on to suggest open ‘infiltrations’ that can be used by heritage site managers themselves to reinvent their own sites. Alongside this there’s a photo-essay on using the tactics, and a full bibliography.

The Handbook is a bridge between the playful practicality of the Pocketbook and the deep space of Mythogeography.

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