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Younge, Gary, No Place Like Home: A Black Briton's Journey Through the American South (London: Picador, 1999).

Gary Younge was raised in the South - Stevenage in Hertfordshire, to be precise. But growing up in a Home Counties New Town with Barbadian parents, he had to look elsewhere for a sense of racial identity; he found it across the Atlantic in America's Deep South.

Part memoir, part travelogue, No Place Like Home traces the route of the Freedom Riders, a racially mixed group of thirteen people who travelled by Greyhound bus through the Southern states in 1961 to test the ban on segregation. Taking the bus from Washington DC to New Orleans, Gary Younge meets the myth of his formative years, showing how Southerners both black and white react to a man who looks local but sounds foreign, exploring hos the South has changed, and why much of it has stayed the same.

Whether he is shocking an all-white congregation in a church in rural South Carolina, fielding questions about Lady Di from a class of ten-year-olds in Virgnia or being turned away from a motel in Mississippi, Gary Younge delivers a provocative, witty and passionate polemic about race in Britain and the United States.

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