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Cronin, Michael, Across the Lines: Travel, Language and Translation (Cork: University of Cork Press, 2000).

An important feature of the twentieth century has been the enormous growth in travel and the increasing mobility of individuals and groups across societies. A largely neglected aspect of this development has been the relationship of the traveller to language. Across the Lines examines the ways in which language mediates experience across cultures. It looks at a range of travel narratives by writers such as Bruce Chatwin, Dervia Murphy, Eva Hoffman and ionathan Raban and uses theoretical frames of reference taken from sociolinguistics, literary theory and semiotics. The work looks at what happens to the narrative of travel when the traveller has no grasp of the language spoken, and how the status of interpreters and guidebooks impact on different kinds of travel. Written by one of the leading thinkers in his field Across the Lines raises concerns which will be of interest to students and critics of language, translation, travel writing, tourism, and anthropology

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