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Body in Motion, Travelling Bodies in Anglophone Literature (University Paris 8: 24 May 2019)

Deadline: 25 Jan 2019

This one-day conference will focus on how the narration of mobile bodies questions social identities and discourses on sexuality, nationality, race, terrorism, etc., and produces new subjectivities. How are body circulations depicted and performed in writings from the English-speaking world? Are there specific modalities of writing about mobile bodies in the Anglophone context? How do mobile bodies possibly transform travel writing and migrant fiction written in English? How does such writing transform, or at least impact, the body and its cultural representations? How does modernity affect representations of the body in migration literature and in refugee literature?

This conference will be a space of discussion for scholars working at the intersection of literary, Mobility and Body Studies in the English-speaking world. We are interested in papers which draw connections between Anglophone literature and moving/travelling bodies. Papers which depict cross-cultural encounters by chronicling the movement of bodies across geographical areas and historical periods are also welcome. This conference is also open to presentations on ongoing projects focusing on these themes. Suggested topics might include but are not limited to:

▪ Literary representations of travelling bodies
▪ Moving bodies and the production of new subjectivities
▪ Mobile body/ -ies and globalization; transnational bodies; ▪ Mobile bodies in colonial and postcolonial fiction
▪ Technologies of mobility and the body in motion
▪ Time, space and the body
▪ Race, gender, class and bodies in movement
▪ Travelling or moving bodies in the digital era (video games, etc.)

Papers may be presented either in English or French. Abstracts (250-300 words) along with a short bio- bibliographical notice should be sent to organisers: Jaine Chemmachery and Bhawana Jain.

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Last updated: 17 Jan 2019



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