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54th International Congress on Medieval Studies (session: Digital Maps and Mapping) (Kalamazoo, Michigan: 9-12 May 2019)

This session follows the previous successful Kalamazoo panel on geodata. Its aim is to continue discussing the challenges in building platforms for medieval geodata, such as geographic information systems (GIS), for the presentation of data on maps and in other graphic forms. Panelists examine, theoretically and otherwise, the approaches and results of presenting geoinformation for medieval studies. Papers explore how GIS and other digital projects can produce new findings and investigate potential shortcomings. Analysis includes theorizations of geoinformatics, space more generally, and geographical and imaginary spaces. Questions panelists address include: What are medieval data? How qualitatively rich can digital information be, and what kinds of texts can or should be mapped? How is the visual presentation of data different from a written account? Are there useful ways to map non-specific or non-geographic spaces, and are there compelling reasons to do so?

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