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Migration and the Environment in the Indian Ocean World (Graduate Workshop) (IOWC, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec: 6 December 2018)

Deadline: 1 Jul 2018

The Indian Ocean World Centre (IOWC), McGill University welcomes submissions for its Graduate workshop on 'Migration and the Environment in the Indian Ocean World'. The workshop is part of a larger collaborative conference hosted by academics from McGill University and the University of Glasgow. The larger McGill-Glasgow conference will take place on 7-8 December and graduate students accepted to the workshop will have the opportunity to attend the larger conference and participate in its discussions.

The IOWC is a leading research centre dedicated to international collaborative study and inquiry, both maritime and littoral, of the Indian Ocean world (a macro-region running from eastern Africa through the Middle East and South Asia, to China, Japan, and Australia). We welcome papers from graduate students studying any aspect of history related to migration and the environment in the Indian Ocean world, including, but not limited to, slavery and abolition, bonded labour, and themes in economics, human-environment interaction, religion, and culture. Paper proposals should include:

* Full name and contact information (including university)
* Discipline and focus of research
* Title and brief abstract (max. 250 words) detailing the subject, time period and disciplinary approach of study

The registration fee is $50 CAD. This registration fee enables the graduate student to attend the larger McGill-Glasgow conference (cost of conference dinner separate). Participants will be responsible for their own travel and accommodation expenses. Accepted conference papers will be considered for publication in the IOWC Graduate Working Paper Series and/or the Journal of Indian Ocean World Studies.

Contact details:
Replace [at] with the appropriate symbol in email addresses where applicable

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Last updated: 11 Jun 2018



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