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Very often, historians and scholars find documents of interest, but they don't necessarily have a venue in which to talk about them. GlobalMaritimeHistory has created the 'Discuss-a-Doc' series of guest blogs to provide researchers with an opportunity to talk about those documents. Posts should include at least one photo of the document, so that readers can have a look. Other content can include discussion of the contents, textual analysis, discussion of how the document impacted their project, and beyond.

These posts can be about any kind of document that is related to maritime history (broadly conceived). So what exactly does 'Maritime History, Broadly Conceived' mean? It means that this GMH aims to be as inclusive as possible. 'Maritime' relates to ships, ports, voyaging, littoral environments, maritime art, maritime literature, or even maritime-
adjacent topics. Likewise, 'History' relates anything that studies the past, regardless of discipline. is committed to providing a publication forum for individuals that are traditionally underrepresented in publications and to improving the diversity of voices that contribute to academic discussions.

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Last updated: 11 Jun 2018



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