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Reading Guides for Online Bibliography

Website: is creating a new resource to help those studying maritime subjects. The 'Reading Guides' Resource is composed of annoted bibliographies and similar lists on various maritime-related subjects (broadly conceived).

So what exactly does 'Maritime History, Broadly Conceived' mean? It means that GMH aims to be as inclusive as possible. 'Maritime' relates to ships, ports, voyaging, littoral environments, maritime art, maritime literature, or even maritime-adjacent topics. Likewise, 'History' relates anything that studies the past, regardless of discipline.

The goal is to provide a resource so that students can find lists of related books, and have a preliminary appreciation of their value and their place in current historiography. It will also include discussions of how to approach secondary sources, and how to prepare for Comps and equivalent examinations. Posts for this category can be created from Comps reading lists, PhD or MA bibliographies (with comments/annotations).

The editors have absolutely no problem with multiple lists on similar topics, as we believe that everybody's approach and evaluation of sources makes them unique and useful for comparison purposes. We also believe that books/reading lists that aren't explicitly maritime certainly belong in this resource at all - as many, many topics are inherently maritime. We are particularly interested in going beyond history to geography, literature, art, and other subjects as well.

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