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Bloomsbury Cultural History of Slavery and Human Trafficking

Deadline: 1 Aug 2018

The editorial team of a major new six-volume reference project entitled the Cultural History of Slavery and Human Trafficking to be published by Bloomsbury Academic, is actively seeking individual chapter contributors. This collection is envisioned as an indispensable resource for scholars and students, being the first comprehensive and integrative cultural history of slavery and human trafficking, from the early human settlements to the present day encompassing the globe. The six volumes comprise:

Vol. 1 Ancient World Cultures (10,000 BCE-500 CE): Edited by Noel Lenski, Yale University

Vol. 2 The Pre-Modern Era (500 CE-1450 CE): Edited by Thomas J. MacMaster, Morehouse College

Vol. 3 The Age of Discovery (1450 CE-1700 CE): Edited by Deborah Blumenthal, University of California, Santa Barbara

Vol. 4 The Age of Empire (1700-1900 CE): Edited by Mariana Candido, University of Notre Dame

Vol. 5 Global Conflict, Colonialism, and Decolonization (1900-1945): Edited by Henrice Altink, University of York -

Vol. 6 Globalization and the Rise of Trafficking (1946-Present Day): Edited by Matilde Ventrella, University of Wolverhampton

Each volume will comprise an introduction by the editor and eight chapters covering following topics:

* Definitions and Ideologies of Slavery and Trafficking
* Slavery, Trafficking, and the Law
* Political Cultures
* Coercive Labouring Economies
* Social Organization, Culture, Identity, and Ritual
* Gender, Enslavement, and Trafficking
* Family, Age, and Bondage
* Anti-Slavery, Anti-Trafficking, and Abolition Outcomes

Each contributor should present their chapter’s topic in the context of an overview of the cultural history of slavery and human trafficking for the period covered by the volume. This is a work that is intended to provide scholars and students with an overview of the period – covering multiple regions, although they may rely on a few key examples reflecting the author's specialization(s).

Individual chapter contributors may suggest their own subtitles which reflect the content of the chapters. Each chapter should be a maximum of 10,000 words inclusive of notes and bibliography. As each volume is to be illustrated with between 40 and 60 images, each chapter may have about 5-6 images. Contributors are responsible for obtaining images and permissions for their chapters. We are actively seeking chapters for inclusion in all volumes, but a number in each volume have been assigned.

Please send initial inquiries about specific chapters in volumes to Series Editor, Benjamin N. Lawrance, University of Arizona, with 'Bloomsbury' in subject line. Full proposals (300-500 words plus references), plus an abstract (100 words) and complete CV may then be passed on to volume editors.

Feel free to direct any questions to the series editor at any time. The Cultural History reference model has been incredibly successful for Berg.

For an example of an already published Cultural Histories reference set, please see:

Contact details:
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Last updated: 11 Jun 2018



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