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Turkish Literature as World Literature

Deadline: 30 Jun 2018

Editors: Dr Burcu Alkan; Dr Cimen Gunay-Erkol

We invite chapter proposals for a book on the broad subject of Turkish Literature as World Literature. The book is planned for Bloomsbury Publishing’s prestigious Literatures as World Literature series. The editors have already shown a preliminary interest in the book. The aim of the book is to explore Turkish literature as world literature and discuss its impact upon global literary traditions. It seeks to engage with debates on world literature and comparative literary and cultural studies. There are no limitations of coverage and the chapters may focus on singular writers, periods, currents, etc., inclusive of the Ottoman period, in order to facilitate a diverse view. Overall, the book aims at opening for discussion a range of critical issues and themes related to Turkish literature as a part of the World Literature system. We are particularly interested in chapters that contribute to the debates on 'world literature', incorporating Turkish literature into the matrix and elaborating on its liminal position. Topics may include, but are not limited to, the following:

* Turkish literature as world literature
* Influences of Turkish literature on global literary traditions
* Turkish literature in translation
* International reception of Turkish literature
* International literary institutions and prizes and Turkish literature
* Turkey as a place of exile/refuge for international writers
* Ottoman-Turkish literature
* Turkish diasporic literature
* Migration narratives
* Travel narratives
* Writers in exile

Chapter proposals should include a 750-word abstract and a CV. Contact (Submissions):; (Queries): Dr Burcu Alkan or Dr Cimen Gunay-Erkol.

Contact details:
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Last updated: 11 Jun 2018



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