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M/C Journal: Special Issue: Walking

Deadline: 10 Aug 2018

Why do we walk? Walking traverses boundaries of the physical, political, artistic, narrated, literary, and psychological, and can be deployed as a complex practice in an increasingly digitised world. In this issue, we examine the contemporary practices and representations of walking. We encourage work with an interest in the hybrid, the interdisciplinary, the intersectional; that looks to fields as diverse as feminist studies, life writing, nature writing, anthropology and fictocriticism.

We think walking can be an act, a response, a methodology, a transgression. Areas of investigation may include, but are not limited to:

* Walking and the body
* Walking and selfhood
* Walking and gendered spaces
* Walking and urban spaces
* Walking and feminism
* Walking and mobility/disability
* Walking and mental illness
* Walking as meditation, contemplative walking
* Walking as methodology, walking as artistic practice
* Walking and the Anthropocene
* Walking and the literary
* Walking as resistance
* Walking in film
* Walking and cartography, affective geographies, psychogeography
* Walking and nature writing

Prospective contributors should email an abstract of 100-250 words and a brief biography to the issue editors. Abstracts should include the article title and should describe your research question, approach, and argument. Biographies should be about three sentences (maximum 75 words) and should include your institutional affiliation and research interests. Articles should be 3000 words (plus bibliography). All articles will be double-blind refereed and must adhere to MLA style (6th edition).

Article deadline: 10 Aug. 2018
Release date: 10 Oct. 2018
Editors: Amy Mead and Melanie Pryor
Please submit articles through the Website.

Contact details:
Replace [at] with the appropriate symbol in email addresses where applicable

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