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The British Isles in the Mind's Eye: Literary Tourism and 'Real' History

Deadline: 15 Oct 2017

What are the relationships among history, fiction, and tourism? Contributions are solicited for a collection of essays that will map the boundaries of and intersections among these discourses of “place” and its significance, with an emphasis on literary tourism and the British Isles. Essays may be weighted towards the theoretical or may be focused on studies of individual historical sites or literary authors; they may approach the subject from the disciplinary perspectives of anthropology, cultural studies, literary history, or history. Potential subjects of interest include historicality, historicity, and historical fiction and poetry; the influence of popular fiction and film on British tourism or on the marketing of historical sites to the literary tourist; the (re)creation of the history of a place in fiction and film; and the impact of tourism on historical curation.

As this is a reopened call for submissions that will complement a set of essays already selected, the editor is especially interested in receiving proposals for studies of urban tourism (London, Edinburgh, and Dublin, in particular); studies of the influence of popular contemporary writers on the marketing of tourist destinations; and studies that seek to understand how, at a given historical moment, the concept of “Britain,” or an area of the British Isles more widely defined, including the Republic of Ireland, has been constructed and maintained by literary narratives or film tropes, on the one hand, and the narratives of tourism, on the other.

Lexington Books, an imprint of Rowman & Littlefield, is inviting a proposal for this project.

Send 500-word abstracts and one-page CVs as Word documents to the editor. Accepted abstracts will be included in the proposal to the press, with completed manuscripts needed by 1 June 2018.

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Last updated: 2 Oct 2017



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