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Climate: Fifth biennial conference of C19 (session: The Landscape of Tourism in Nineteenth-Century America) (University of New Mexico, Albuquerque: 22-25 March 2018)

Deadline: 18 Aug 2017

This proposed panel for the 2018 C19 conference seeks paper proposals on the topic of tourism in nineteenth-century American culture. The panel aims to explore the relationship between tourism and the American landscape. This might refer to tourism’s impact on the American landscape, or how tourists and touristic writers understood and depicted the environment. Papers might also consider how touristic writers grappled with the cultural or political “landscape” of the nineteenth century.

Questions to consider might include: What does tourism discourse reveal about the way authors perceived the American environment? How do different literary genres related to tourism reveal competing or clashing understandings of America? How do authors describe different tourist sites in terms of aesthetic atmosphere? What do the unique (or not unique) aesthetics of different tourist sites reveal about nineteenth-century conceptions of environment, or the sociopolitical climate?

Please email an abstract of no more than 300 words and a CV to the panel organiser.

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Last updated: 21 Aug 2017



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