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VTU Review: Special Issue: Representations of Travel and Mobility from the Middle Ages to the Present

Deadline: 1 Oct 2017

While travel and mobility have long been perceived as quintessentially human activities and have been particularly associated with voluntary, literate travellers recording their own experiences, the terms can also be applied to animals and involuntary migrants. Irrespective of whether they are voluntary or involuntary, travel and mobility can be placed under different headings and linked to a variety of other concepts, such as displacement, migration, exile, border crossing, dispersal, cultural/economic transfer and communication. Moreover, they have different meanings and call up diverse associations in different historical and cultural contexts.

We invite contributions from scholars in the humanities and social scientists with an interest in the study of travel and mobility. We welcome articles from both established professionals and advanced PhD students.

Topics of discussion may include, but are not restricted to:

* new directions in research on travel and mobility;
* writing travel and mobility;
* teaching travel and mobility;
* virtual travel;
* travel and communication/mediation;
* agents of communication/mediation;
* utopian/dystopian travel;
* travel, mobility and the politics of place;
* mobility and nomadism;
* cosmopolitanism, travel and mobility.

Manuscripts are accepted in English. Any consistent spelling and punctuation styles can be used. Names and titles in Cyrillic and other non-Roman scripts, except Greek, should be transliterated. For Bulgarian, contributors are advised to use the 2009 system of Romanization; for details, see:

Manuscripts should follow the MLA style as set in the MLA Handbook, 2016 (8th edition). Manuscripts, containing special fonts or characters, should be submitted as both .doc/docx and .pdf files.

VTU Review is a newly established peer-reviewed journal, published by St. Cyril and St. Methodius University of Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria. The journal comes out twice a year. Its first issue is due in July 2017. VTU Review is dedicated to publishing and disseminating pioneering research in the humanities and social sciences for an international audience.

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