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Cities, Space and the Sacred: Exploring Urban (Religious) Landscapes in the Modern Era (c. 1800-present) (Rome, Italy: 29 August 1 September 2018)

Deadline: 5 Oct 2017

The co-conveners warmly invite paper proposals for the following main session at the 14th International Urban History Conference, which will take place in Rome, Italy from 29 August to 1 September 2018.

Scholars have habitually regarded cities, particularly big cities and metropolises, as hubs and models of political, social and cultural modernization, places where religion and a sense of the sacred were increasingly privatized and marginalized. Largely absent from this discussion, however, is a consideration of place and space. In what ways were big cities like Rome also sacred places? How do Western and non-Westerns notions of sacred urban space compare? Prioritizing the issues of space and place, this session aims to reconsider the complex relationship between the city and religion in modern times. By inviting papers from specialists working from a range of different disciplinary and geographic perspectives (including non-European), and inspired by approaches that see space as a social or cultural construction, the session aims to launch an extended discussion of sacred space and the city.

The session will focus on three main, closely interconnected themes:

1) Urban manifestations of the sacred.

2) The demarcation and perception of urban space as sacred.

3) The sacred as a contested category in urban settings.

Interested participants should submit an abstract (max 450 words) through the conference website.

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