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Migration With(out) Boundaries: Graduate Student Research Conference (Michigan State University: 6-7 October 2017)

Deadline: 18 Aug 2017

Michigan State University will host the 6th annual graduate student research conference on migration. Migration Studies is a burgeoning and all-too-relevant area of academic attention, and the conference seeks to foster a cohort of scholars working on any thematic, conceptual, spatial, or temporal aspect of human migration from any disciplinary perspective. Submissions are welcome from academics at any stage of their graduate career, and may include research designs, dissertation or thesis chapters, methodological models, works in progress, and preliminary findings.

Your submission must include the presentation title, abstract (of no more than 300 words), home institution and affiliated department(s), and co-authors (if applicable).

Applicants are encouraged to submit a panel proposal. This will include a title and abstract for the panel as a whole, as well as individual titles and abstracts for each constituent paper. To facilitate panel selection, applicants should note 4-5 relevant keywords for their topic, selected from EACH of the categories below:

* Geographic: Country/Region (ex: Morocco/MENA; USA/North America, Japan/East Asia, etc.)

* Type: forced migration; internal migration; South-South migration; imperial migrations/colonization; elite migration; refugees; climate migration

* Thematic: religion; transnationalism; education; health; science; class; race; ethnicity; post-colonialism; family; youth; gender; technologies of mobility; immigrant entrepreneurship; language/literature; linguistics; citizenship; policy; development; comparative migrations.

A $25 conference fee will be due upon confirmation of attendance. If you wish to be considered for a travel award, please provide a brief statement of need and preliminary budget with your application. Free housing is available, so travel grants are for transportation expenses only.

Contact details:
Replace [at] with the appropriate symbol in email addresses where applicable

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