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Women and the City: The Aphra Behn Society for Women in the Arts 1660-1830 (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: 2-3 November 2017)

Deadline: 15 May 2017

Inspired by Aphra Behn's legacy as a female professional in London, and Pittsburgh's urban culture and history, we invite papers that explore the topic of 'Women and the City'.

How do fantasies and realities of 'the city' - its people, neighbourhoods, theatres, pleasure gardens, coffee houses, exhibition halls, temptations, politics, material culture, ecology, economy, religion, fashion, media, mad houses, and debtors prisons--shape literary, artistic and theatrical culture? How does gender relate to urban experience?​​

Papers might address the following topics:

Theater and the City / Art and the City / Material Culture and the City / Performance and the City / Gender and Urban Spaces / Women and Celebrity in the City / The City versus the Country / Sexuality and the City / The City and the Empire / Fashion in the City/ Fashioning the City / Travel and Transportation and the City / Technologies of the City / Race and the City / Servants/Invisible Citizens of the City / The City and the Archive/the City as Archive / Madness and the City

We invite you to send 1-2 page abstracts or panel proposals, specifying equipment needs.

Contact details:
Replace [at] with the appropriate symbol in email addresses where applicable

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