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Placing the Burneys: The Burney Society of North America 2017 (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: 2-3 November 2017)

Deadline: 15 May 2017

The Burney family is strongly associated with various cities such as King's Lynn, London, Bath, Brighton, Paris. The family's many talents flourished in urban settings. Geographical place mattered to the Burney family.

We invite you to send 1-2 page proposals for 20-min talks that explore the Burneys and place, broadly construed, accompanied by a cover letter which includes a 50-word biographical statement and, if necessary, a justification of A/V support.

​Papers might address (but are not restricted to) the following topics:

* Place in Frances Burney's Works (City, Country, Interiors)
* Burney Exiles (e.g. Charles Jr. from Oxford, Sussanah to Ireland, d'Arblay to England, Frances to Paris)
* The Influence of Place on Characters or Events in Frances Burney's Works
* Critical Placement of Frances Burney by her Peers or Critics
* Frances Burney's Placement in the Canon and Curriculum
* Charles Burney's Placement in London Society and Meritocracy
* James Burney and Geography
* The Social Placement of the Burney Family

Please note all presenters must be members of the Burney Society.

The Burney Society consists of professional academics, independent scholars, and serious lay readers familiar with the works of the Burney family. We encourage papers that present new research with fresh insights presented in lively language, and that assume audience familiarity with major texts. We are particularly welcoming to young scholars.

Contact details:
Replace [at] with the appropriate symbol in email addresses where applicable

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