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Association of Critical Heritage Studies 2018 Conference (session: Heritage Across Borders) (Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China: 1-6 September 2018)

Deadline: 31 Mar 2017

The 2018 Association of Critical Heritage Studies conference takes 'borders' as a broadly defined, yet key, concept for better understanding how heritage is valued, preserved, politicised, mobilised, financed, planned and destroyed. Thinking through borders raises questions about theories of heritage, its methodologies of research, and where its boundaries lie with tourism, urban development, post-disaster recovery, collective identities, climate change, memory or violent conflict.

Heritage Across Borders will consider how the values of heritage and approaches to conservation change as objects, experts, and institutions move across frontiers. It will ask how new international cultural policies alter creation, performance, and transmission for artists, craftspersons, musicians, and tradition-bearers. What are the frontiers of cultural memory in times of rapid transformation? How can museums engage with increasingly diverse audiences by blurring the distinctions between the affective and representational? And do digital reproductions cross important ethical boundaries? One of the key contributions of critical heritage studies has been to draw attention to the role of heritage in constructing and operationalising boundaries and borders of many kinds-national, social, cultural, ethnic, economic and political. In what ways do international flows of capital rework indigenous and urban cultures, and reshape nature in ways that redefine existing boundaries?

We welcome session proposals which cluster around the following suggested sub-themes:

* Heritage Trafficking
* Negotiating linguistic borders
* Crossing the indigenous/non-indigenous divide
* The heritage of diaspora and refugees
* The planned and unplanned spaces of heritage
* Memory and forgetting
* Geographies of Craft
* Asia and the world
* Extraterritorial heritage
* Theorising heritage as border
* Cross-cultural methodologies
* Cross-border conflicts and cooperation
* Bridging practice and academia
* Gender and heritage

Regular Sessions: 4 papers of 15-mins duration:

Proposals for regular sessions should include the following details:

* session type and title;
* names, affiliations and contact details of one or more session organisers/co-organisers;
* 300-word max. session abstract;
* list of confirmed speakers, contact details and paper titles;
* an indication of whether the session will be closed or open to advertisement for further participation when we call for individual paper submissions.

Panel Discussions: discussion amongst 4-5 panellists around a specific set of questions or themes.

Proposals for panel discussions should include the following details:

* session type (i.e. panel discussion);
* a panel title;
* the names, affiliations and contact details of one or more panel session organisers/co-organisers;
* up to 300 word panel session abstract;
* a list of 4-5 confirmed speakers and their affiliations and contact details.

Contact details:
Replace [at] with the appropriate symbol in email addresses where applicable

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Last updated: 19 Mar 2017



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