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2017 International Society of Biblical Literature (SBL) Meeting (session: Migration, the Bible, and Empire) (Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany: 7-11 August 2017 )


Deadline: Open (until filled)

The Bible and Empire group are devoting a session to the theme of migration. We welcome proposals either about the biblical text itself or with an emphasis on reception history. In the former sense, we invite papers which explore how the biblical texts discuss themes of migration in relation to major ancient empires. In the latter sense, we encourage proposals that examine how the Bible has played a role in post-biblical migratory events, either as a tool of empire or in response to empires. Potentially relevant migratory events can include both international migration and forced internal migration, as well as either recent crises (e.g. Syria, Colombia) or historical events (e.g. North American westward migration). Analyses from any number of critical and interpretive perspectives are welcome. Potential contributors may contact the session organiser with any questions.

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Last updated: 18 Jul 2017



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