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Studies in Travel Writing: Journal

Studies in Travel Writing Vol 22 No 2 (2018)

Published by: Routledge

About the journal

  • Writing the Northern Expedition, 1785-1793: Martin Sauer's An Account of a Geographical and Astronomical Expedition to the Northern Parts of Russia (1802) Matthew M Binney
  • Two Women Travellers Across a Contested Landscape: Emily Georgina Kemp and Yosano Akiko in Northeast China Daniela Kato
  • The Pervasiveness of Colonial Identity in Lucie Cousturier's Travels to West Africa Georgy Khabarovskiy
  • Languages of Return: Aimé Césaire and Dany Laferrière Jane Hiddleston
  • Humouring the Conflict: Israel and Palestine in Twenty-First Century British and German Travel Writing Isabelle Hesse
  • Interview with Nick Danziger Tim Hannigan
Book Reviews
  • Ingrid Horrocks, Women Wanderers and the Writing of Mobility, 1784-1814; Anne M. Thell, Minds in Motion: Imagining Empiricism in Eighteenth-Century British Travel Literature (Carl Thompson)
  • Kevin J James, Tourism, Land and Landscape in Ireland: The Commodification of Culture (Gareth Roddy)
  • Robert Burden, Travel, Modernism and Modernity (Andrew Thacker)


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