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Studies in Travel Writing: Journal

Studies in Travel Writing Vol 20 No 3 (2016)

Published by: Routledge

About the journal

Special Issue: New Narratives of the Arctic
edited by Graham Huggan and Lars Jensen
  • Introduction: New Narratives of the Arctic Lars Jensen and Graham Huggan
  • Where Humanism Finds Its Ends: From Pia Arke and Katarina Pirak Sikku on the Difficulty of Narrating the Arctic Stefan Jonsson
  • Journey to the Centre of the Ice: Narrating Ice-Core Drillings in Northern Greenland Kirsten Hvenegård-Lassen
  • The Hum of the Earth: Natural History as Ecological Narrative in Elizabeth Hay's Late Nights on Air and Jennifer Kingsley's Paddlenorth Sarah Wylie Krotz
  • Greenland as Seen by Two Contemporary British Travellers: Joanna Kavenna and Gavin Francis Jan Borm
  • An Archaeology of Arctic Travel Journalism Simone Abram and Roger Norum
  • Writing Travel in the Anthropocene: Disastrous Life at the End of the Arctic Rune Graulund
  • In Whose Mouth Are You Placing Your Words? Martha Baillie
Book Reviews
  • Jessica Howell, Exploring Victorian Travel Literature: Disease, Race and Climate (Emilie Taylor-Brown)
  • Tony Lurcock, 'A Life of Extremes': The British Discover Modern Finland, 1917-1941 (Jopi Nyman)
  • Jon Anderson, Page and Place: Ongoing Compositions of Plot, ed Lisa Stein Haven (Angharad Saunders)
  • Faye Hammill and Michelle Smith, Magazines, Travel, and Middlebrow Culture: Canadian Periodicals in English and French, 1925-1960 (Emilia Ljungberg)
  • Paul Smethurst, The Bicycle: Towards a Global History (Glen Norcliffe)
  • Bernd Stiegler, Travelling in Place: A History of Armchair Travel, tr Peter Filkins (Ben Stubbs)
  • Noel Whittall, A Stupid Thing to Do? A Meander Up and Down England and Scotland by an Old Bloke on an Even Older Bike (Reg Eyre)


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