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Studies in Travel Writing: Journal

Studies in Travel Writing Vol 20 No 2 (2016)

Published by: Routledge

About the journal

Special Issue: Irish Travel Writers
edited by …adaoin Agnew and RaphaŽl Ingelbien
  • Irish Travel Writers: Introduction …adaoin Agnew and RaphaŽl Ingelbien
  • From Ireland to Iceland: Lord Dufferin's Letters from High Latitudes (1857) Eve Patten
  • 'Of Every Land the Guest': Aubrey de Vere's Travels Melissa Fegan
  • A Voyage into Catholicism: Irish Travel to Italy in the Nineteenth Century Anne O'Connor
  • The Irish Revival En Route: The Travel Writing of William Bulfin and Robert Lynd Giulia Bruna
  • Many Journeys, Many Selves: The Travels of Margaret Elizabeth Noble Jayati Gupta
  • 'The Writer Died at Autun in her 26th Year': Genre, Health Tourism and Anna Jameson's Diary of an Ennuyťe Stephanie Russo
Book Reviews
  • Florence D'Souza, Knowledge, Mediation and Empire: James Tod's Journeys Among the Rajputs (Antoinette Burton)
  • Maria Grazia Dongu (ed), Con parole altrui: La Sardegna nella cultura europea (Giorgia Alķ)
  • Charlie Chaplin, A Comedian Sees the World, ed Lisa Stein Haven (Caroline Noble Whitbeck)


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