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Studies in Travel Writing: Journal

Studies in Travel Writing Vol 19 No 3 (2015)

Published by: Routledge

About the journal

  • Ecology and Empire in Andrew Burnaby's Travels through the Middle Settlements of North America Lina Geriguis
  • Tales from Patagonia: Phillip Parker King and Early Ethnographic Observation in British Ethnology, 1826-1830 Efram Sera-Shriar
  • Colonial Cosmopolitanism: Albert Smith and Rudyard Kipling in Victorian Hong Kong Julia Kuehn
  • Socialist Utopia or Dystopian Nightmare? American Interwar Travelogues about Russia Jennifer M Hudson
  • The Absence of Authenticity and the Authenticity of Absence in Robert Dessaix's Twilight of Love Adam Ouston
  • 'You Want People to See You in All Your Nuanced Variety': An Interview with Noo Saro-Wiwa Nicklas Hlln and Janet Remmington
Book Reviews
  • Rear Admiral C H Layman, The Wager Disaster: Mayhem, Mutiny and Murder in the South Seas(Peter Hulme)
  • Sophie Johanet, Voyage de noces d'une royaliste travers l'Allemagne et l'Italie (1845), ed. Nicolas Bourguinat and Marina Polzin (H Hazel Hahn)
  • Sarah K Danielsson, The Explorer's Roadmap to National-Socialism (Suzanne Marchand)


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