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Studies in Travel Writing: Journal

Studies in Travel Writing Vol 18 No 3 (2014)

Published by: Routledge

About the journal

  • Surveying the Scene, Staking Claim: Thomas Jefferson, Traveller Victoria Tietze Larson
  • Changing Visitor Preceptions of Malaga (Spain) and its Development as a Winter Health Resort in the Nineteenth Century Graham Mowl and Michael Barke
  • A Flâneur on Wheels? Bicycle Mobility and the Sociological Gaze in Edward Thomas's In Pursuit of Spring Paul Smethurst
  • When the Clown Laughs Back: Nabaneeta Dev Sen's Global Travel and the Dynamics of Humour Swaralipi Nandi
  • 'Can't Seem to Live Without It Somehow': An Interview with Eddy L Harris Nicklas Hållén
Book Reviews (edited by Peter Hulme)
  • Mariana Starke, Travels in Italy, Between the Years 1792 and 1798; Roberta Trapè, Imaging Italy; Sharon Ouditt, Impressions of Southern Italy (David Gibbons)
  • Tim Youngs, The Cambridge Introduction to Travel Writing (Christine DeVine)
  • Bekim Agai et al (eds), Venturing Beyond Borders (Sinan Akili)
  • Alain Guyot, Analogie et récit de voyage (C.W. Thompson)
  • Gloria Deák, Passage to America (Christopher Mulvey)
  • Ian Borden, Drive (Ian C Davidson)
  • Ned Rozell, Finding Mars (Zac Robinson)


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