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Studies in Travel Writing: Journal

Studies in Travel Writing Vol 17 No 1 (2013)

Published by: Routledge

About the journal

  • 'The First that Ever Burst, etc.': William Bateson in the Steppe, 1886-1887 Jeff Eden
  • The Irishness of the Irish Inn: Narratives of Travel Accommodation in Ireland from Union to Home Rule K J James
  • Guidebook Publishing in the Nineteenth Century: John Murray's Handbook for Travellers Gráinne Goodwin and Gordon Johnstone
  • Nursing Empire: Travel Letters from Africa and the Caribbean Jessica Howell
  • Creating Community: Diary Writing in First-Person Narratives from the Camino de Santiago Annie Hesp
Book Reviews
  • John Scheckter, The Isle of Pines (1668): Henry Neville's Uncertain Utopiai (William Poole)
  • Paul Auchterlonie (ed), Encountering Islam: Joseph Pitts: An English Slave in 17th-Century Algiers and Mecca. A Critical Edition [...] of Joseph Pitts of Exeter's 'A Faithful Account of the Religion and Manners of the Mahometans, 1731' (M D Allen)
  • Tony Lurcock, 'Not So Barren or Uncultivated': British Travellers in Finland 1760-1830 (Jopi Nyman)
  • John Culbert, Paralyses: Literature, Travel, and Ethnography in French Modernity (Enda McCaffrey)
  • Jonathan Skinner (ed), Writing the Dark Side of Travel (Richard Sharpley)
  • Carl Thompson, Travel Writing (Charles Forsdick)
  • Paul Tiyambe Zeleza, In Search of African Diasporas: Testimonies and Encounters (Alasdair Pettinger)
  • Harold Heckle, A Traveller's Wine Guide to Spain; Robert Holmes, A Traveller's Wine Guide to California (Tilar J Mazzeo)


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