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Studies in Travel Writing: Journal

Studies in Travel Writing Vol 16 No 3 (2012)

Published by: Routledge

About the journal

  • Embodying truth in early modern English travel writing Jonathan P.A. Sell
  • Delegated encounter and descriptive authority in early nineteenth-century Africa: The connected careers of Henry Salt, Nathaniel Pearce, William Coffin, and Giovanni Belzoni Anke Fischer-Kattner
  • Crossing boundaries into a world of scientific discoveries: Maria Graham in nineteenth century Brazil Michelle Medeiros
  • A Hungarian aristocrat in Civil War America: Count Béla Széchenyi’s 1862 study trip to the United States of America Tibor Glant
  • The multivalence of May Alcott Nieriker’s Studying Art Abroad and How to Do it Cheaply Julia Dabbs

Book Reviews
  • Nina Chordas, Forms in Early Modern Utopia: The Ethnography of Perfection (Mark Netzloff)
  • C.W. Thompson, French Romantic Travel Writing: Chateaubriand to Nerval (Jennifer Yee)
  • Margarita D. Marinova, Transnational Russian-American Travel Writing (David G Farley)
  • Keith Hanley and John K. Walton, Constructing Cultural Tourism: John Ruskin and the Tourist Gaze (Clare Broome Saunders)
  • Joselyn M. Alemida, Reimagining the Transatlantic, 1780-1890 (Jennifer P Hayward)
  • Narin Hassan, Diagnosing Empire: Women, Medical Knowledge and Colonial Mobility (Jessica Howell)
  • Catrin Gersdorf, The Poetics and Politics of the Desert: Landscape and the Construction of America (Rune Graulund)
  • Carol E. Leon, Movement and Belonging: Lines, Places and Spaces of Travel (Simon Cooke)
  • Sanna Turoma, Brodsky Abroad: Empire, Tourism, Nostalgia (Gregory Woods)
  • Kevin Grange, Beneath Blossom Rain: Discovering Bhutan on the Toughest Trek in the World (Tony Robinson-Smith)


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