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Studies in Travel Writing: Journal

Studies in Travel Writing Vol 16 No 2 (2012)

Published by: Routledge

About the journal

Special issue: Travel Writing and Italy
edited by Loredana Polezzi and Sharon Ouditt
  • Introduction: Italy as Place and Space Sharon Ouditt and Loredana Polezzi
  • The 'Bricolage' of Travel Writing: A Bakhtinian Reading of Nineteenth-Century Women's Travel Writings About Italy Betty Hagglund
  • The Individual Traveller Versus the Guidebook: Louisa Stuart Costello's Venice Clare Broome Saunders
  • Hellenic Transgressions, Homosexual Politics: Wilde, Symonds and Sicily Stefanio Arcarra
  • Conflict, Mobility and Alterity: World War II and the Italians in Eric Newby and Iris Origo Sylvia Ross
  • Contested Places: Carlo Levi's Postcolonial Discourse in Tutto il miele è finito Francesca Congiu
  • An Outsider's Guide to Italy: Translating an Englishman's Italy into Italian Brigid Maher
  • Italian Counter-Travel Writing: Images of Italy in Contemporary Migrant Literature Luigi Marfe
  • Alternative Urban Journeys: Italian Travel Writing and the Contromano Series Joanne Lee
Book Reviews
  • Gilles Bertrand (ed), Le Grand Tour revisité: pour une archéologie du tourisme. Le voyage des français en Italie (milieu XVIIIe siècle-debut XIXe siècle); Attillo Brilli, Il viaggio in Italia. Storia di una grande tradizione culturale (Carlo Caruso)
  • Annie Richardson, Catherine Dille, Betty Hagglund, Donatella Badin and Julia Banister (eds), Women's Travel Writings in Italy (9 vols) (Jane Stabler)
  • Sylvia Ross, Tuscan Spaces: Constructions of Space (Elisabetta Tesser)


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