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Studies in Travel Writing: Journal

Studies in Travel Writing Vol 2 No (1998)

Published by: Nottingham Trent University

About the journal

  • Reviews of Travel in the Monthly Review, 1749-1758: An Introductory Survey with an Appendix on Travel-Related Books Reviewed by the Monthly Review Elizabeth Hagglund
  • Heroic Voyagers and Superstitious Natives: Southey's Imperialist Ideology Tim Fulford
  • Explorers' Texts and the Problem of Reactions by Non-Literate Peoples: Some Nineteenth-Century East African Examples Roy Bridges
  • The 'Travel Romance' and the Emergence of the Female Tourist Jill Steward
  • Culture for Export: Tourism and Autoethnography in Postwar Britain James Buzard
  • 'Big John Drunk in Mexico': Jack Kerouac's Failed Traveller in Tristessa R J Ellis
  • Driving Around: The Unsettling of Australia Peter Bishop
  • Review Essay: Ventriloquists and Wandering Truths David Henige
  • Work in Progress: Dissonant Voices: Straits Chinese Appropriation of Colonial Travel Writing Philip Holden
  • Christopher Bode (ed), West Meets East: Klassiker der britischen Orient-Reiselliteratur (Indira Ghose)
  • Jim MacLaughlin, Travellers and Ireland: Whose Country, Whose History? (Glenn Hooper)
  • Susannah Clapp, With Chatwin: Portrait of a Writer (Tim Youngs)


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