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Studies in Travel Writing: Journal

Studies in Travel Writing Vol 6 No (2002)

Published by: Nottingham Trent University

About the journal

  • 'Ravenous Strangers': The Argument of Nationalism in Two Narratives from Hakluyt's Principal Navigations Mary C Fuller
  • Colonial Proxemics: The Embassy of Sir Thomas Roe to India Pramod K Nayar
  • Critical Encounters: Feminism, Exoticism and Orientalism in Freya Stark's The Southern Gates of Arabia Syrine C Hout
  • Beyond the Observation of 'The Travelled Reader': The Unknown Sicily of Louise Hamilton Caico Giorgia Alù
  • Interview with Gary Younge Tim Youngs
  • Review Essay: Recent Literature on the Irish Diaspora G K Peating
  • Joan-Pau Rubiés, Travel and Ethnology in the Renaissance: Southern India Through European Eyes, 1250-1625 (David Judkins)
  • Andrew Hadfield (ed), Amazons, Savages and Machiavels: Travel and Colonial Writing in English, 1550-1630: An Anthology (Mark Aune)
  • Mary Baine Campbell, Wonder and Science: Imagining Worlds in Early Modern Europe (Claire Jowitt)
  • Ada Pryer, A Decade in Borneo, ed. Susan Morgan (Piers Smith)
  • Reinhold Schiffer, Oriental Panorama: British Travellers in 19th-century Turkey (Arzu Etensel Ildem)
  • Glenn Hooper (ed), The Tourist's Gaze: Travellers to Ireland, 1800-2000 (Mary Gilmartin)
  • Maria Diedrich, Henry Louis Gates Jr, Carl Pedersen (eds), Black Imagination and the MIddle Passage (Gesa Mackenthun)
  • Susan L Roberson (ed), Defining Travel: Diverse Visions (Paul Smethurst)
  • Rudy Koshar, German Travel Cultures (Alasdair Pettinger)
  • Peter Hulme and William H Sherman (eds), 'The Tempest' and its Travels (David Murray)
  • Zoe Schramm-Evans, A Phoenix Rising: Impressions of Vietnam (David Espey)


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