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Studies in Travel Writing: Journal

Studies in Travel Writing Vol 8 No 1 (2004)

Published by: White Horse Press

About the journal

Special issue on Modernist Travels
edited by Tim Youngs and Stan Smith
  • Burbank withh a Baedeker: Modernism's Grand Tours Stan Smith
  • Writing on Travel: The French View John McCann
  • L'Espace Perdu: D H Lawrence's Travel Writings Stefania Michelucci
  • Atlantic Crossing: Placing William Carlos Williams's A Voyage to Pagany
  • The Writer at the Takutu River: Nature, Art, and Modernist Discourse in Evelyn Waugh's Travel Writing Peter Miles
  • Charles Burdett and Derek Duncan (eds), Cultural Encounters: European Travel Writing in the 1930s; Bernard Schweizer, Radicals on the Road: The Politics of English Travel Writing in the 1930s (Alan Munton)
  • Rebecca West, Survivors in Mexico, ed. Bernard Schweizer (Loretta Stec)
  • Justin D Edwards, Exotic Journeys: Exploring the Erotics of US Travel Literature, 1840-1930 (Christopher Gair)
  • Virginia Whatley Smith (ed), Richard Wright's Travel Writings: New Reflections (Alasdair Pettinger)
  • Liselotte Glage (ed), Beings in Transit: Travelling - Migration - Dislocation (Robert Burroughs)
  • David Pascoe, Airspaces (Catherine Cocks)


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