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Studies in Travel Writing: Journal

Studies in Travel Writing Vol 10 No 2 (2006)

Published by: White Horse Press

About the journal

  • Travel and Material Culture: Commodity, Currency, and Destablised Meaning in Women's Home Tour Writing Zoë Kinsley
  • 'Elemental and Permanent Things': George Gissing and Norman Douglas in Southern Italy Sharon Oudit
  • Travelling the Desert: Desert Travel Writing as Indicator Species Rune Graulund
  • A Teabag Each is Unacceptable:Respect and Representation in Travel Writing Zoë Brân
  • Claude Rawson and Ian Higgins (eds), Gulliver's Travels (Adam Rounce)
  • Anka Ryall and Catherine Sandbach-Dahlstöm (eds), Mary Wollstonecraft's Journey to Scandanavia: Essays (Rebecca Hussey)
  • Erik S Schmeller, Perceptions of Race and Nation in English and American Travel Writers, 1813-1914 (Alasdair Pettinger)
  • Indira Ghose (ed), Nineteenth Century Travels, Explorations and Empires (Jayati Gupta)
  • Geoffrey Nash, From Empire to Orient (James Canton)
  • John Zilcosky, Kafka's Travels (Elizabeth Boa)
  • Charles Forsdick, Travel in Twentieth-Century French and Francophone Cultures; Elodie Laügt and Jean-Xavier Ridon (eds), Nouvelles lectures de l'exotisme (Edward Hughes)
  • R Victoria Arana (ed), Black Travel Writing (A Robert Lee)
  • Hagen Schulz-Forberg (ed), Unravelling Civilisation (Gillian Jein)
  • Julia Harrison, Being a Tourist (Katy Hindson)
  • David Espey (ed), Writing the Journey; Eileen Groom (ed), Methods for Teaching Travel Literature and Writing (Julia M Gergits)


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