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Studies in Travel Writing: Journal

Studies in Travel Writing Vol 11 No 1 (2007)

Published by: White Horse Press

About the journal

Special issue on Australian Travel Writing
edited by Richard White
  • Introduction: Travel Writing and Australia Richard White
  • The Privileges of Mobility: George French Angas's Representations of Indigenous People in Savage Life and Scenes and his debt to 'Learned Friend' William Cawthorne Rick Hosking
  • Pedestrian Prose: The Travel Writing of William Mogford Hamlet, Bushwalker Melissa Harper
  • What was Travel Writing? Frank Hurley and the Media Contexts of Early Twentieth-Century Australian Travel Writing Robert Dixon
  • Gulaga Story Stephen Muecke
  • Jorge Magasich-Airola and Jean-Marc de Beer, America Magica, trans. Monica Sando (Claire Jowitt)
  • Elizabeth A Bohls and Ian Duncan (eds), Travel Writing 1700-1830 (Benjamin Colbert)
  • Gertude Bell, Persian Pictures, introduced by Liora Lukitz (Geoffrey Nash)
  • Neil Roberts, D H Lawrence, Travel and Cultural Difference (Grzegorz Moroz)
  • Tabish Kahir, Martin Leer, Justin D Edwards and Hanna Ziadeh (eds), Other Routes: 1500 Years of African and Asian Travel Writing (R Victoria Arana)


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