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Studies in Travel Writing: Journal

Studies in Travel Writing Vol 11 No 2 (2007)

Published by: White Horse Press

About the journal

  • Between Hell and a Fiery Mountain: Antoine de La Sale's Ascent of Vulcano Catherine L├ęglu
  • Trafficking Trips: Drugs and the Anti-Tourist Novels of Hunter S Thompson and Alex Garland Lindsey Michael Banco
  • 'Replete with Danger': The Legacy of British Travel Narratives to News Media Coverage of Afghanistan Corinne Fowler
  • Interview with Redmond O'Hanlon Katy Hindson
  • Daniel Carey (ed), Asian Travel in the Renaissance (Gerald MacLean)
  • Brenda Moon, More Usefully Employed: Amelia B Edwards, Writer Traveller and Campaigner for Ancient Egypt (Patricia O'Neill)
  • Eduardo Mansilla de Garcia, Recuerdos de Viaje (ed J P Spicer-Escalante) (Jennifer Hayward)
  • Robert Burden and Stephan Kohl (edes), Landscape and Englishness (David Matless)
  • Marius Kociejowski (ed), Syria: Through Women's Eyes (Syrine C Hout)
  • Paola Daniela Smecca, Representational Tactics in Travel Writing and Translation: A Focus on Sicily (Alessandra Rizzo)
  • Klaus Stierstorfer (ed), Return to Postmodernism: Theory-Travel Writing-Autobiography (Paul Smethurst)
  • Jon Volkmer, Eating Europe: A Meta-Nonfiction Love Story (Jopi Nyman)


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