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Studies in Travel Writing: Journal

Studies in Travel Writing Vol 12 No 2 (2008)

Published by: White Horse Press

About the journal

  • The Production and Publication of Captain Henry Butler's South African Sketches (1841) John McAleer
  • Reclaiming Mobility: Japanese American Travel Writing after the Internment Floyd Cheung
  • Glimpses into the Unmentionable: Montserrat, Tourism and Anthropological Readings of 'Subordinate Exotic' and 'Comic Exotic' Travel Writing Jonathan Skinnner
Review Essay
  • Women Writing Empire: Review of Klaus Stienstorfer (ed), Women Writing Home, 1700-1920: Female Correspondence across the British Empire Catherine Hall
  • Jonathan P A Sell, Rhetoric and Wonder in English Travel Writing, 1560-1613 (Nandini Das)
  • Harry Liebersohn, The Travelers' World: Europe and the Pacific (Rod Edmond)
  • Michael Gorra, The Bells in their Silence: Travels Through Germany (Petra Rau)


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Studies in Travel Writing (journal)
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